Mining Dynamics
3 July 2023
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Steps to starting from zero in the mining sector.

Just like every industry mining has zero beginning where you begin with absolute nothing or with little amounts of less than 100usd .

By nature mining is a very high expenditure business thousands of united States dollars are needed to run a successful mining business sometimes with no returns .

We are going to take you through a short but powerful account of how to begin at zero step by step .

Step 1
Be interested in mining stories read and listen to as many mining stories in detail asking keen and clear questions.

Artisanal miners have a lot of stories to tell each story has a specific detail that is clue to how you can start from zero . By this way you will be informally introducing yourself to it .
Befriend someone in mining.

Deliberately choose a friend who regularly goes to the mine be very close friend. By so doing you receive mining updates and stories for free . You will learn mining terms risks and rewards fast .

3 visit the mines regularly.
Now that you have a friend visit the mines with him regularly to assess the situation and listen to more mining stories from others stay there for a long time sometimes even 12hrs or two days continuously.
4 identify areas of need within your friend’s network.

At this stage visit with a secret book identify needs that would let you in . The easiest is food just buy relish for them for free and start asking direct question how can you be of help .

NB don’t over promise or over commit yourself if you don’t yet understand the risky .

Pause : mining is so risky and ugly the losses are fatal we have lost money huge amounts never to receive it back don’t let the “reward stories ” force you to sell valuable property or use school fees for your kids to invest these “reward stories are structured to lure you .
Lists of free entry points no cent just you .

1 use your own hands join the team with intention of raising money to invest back for those working join night shift before list what you want to do with the money . Below are inputs and values
A box of explosives sets 330usd
A drum of diesel market price
A compressor set 2000usd
Pegging a mine 3000usd.
Never mind the amount using your hands increases the chances of high returns .
2 link with an investor with huge financial muscles and get double share .
3 identify and bring an expert who improve production
Low income entry points in values
1 food and lighting 100usd
50kg mealie
Cooking oil 5litres
Rare cheap entry points
Buying food during milling of ore 400rands or less
Covering a member who felt ill or absent temporarily by some un forseen means .
At this time you have a vision what you want to do this is a list of what you can permanently do
1 be food and relish provider for as many teams as you can .
2 provide transport for life
3 provide explosives and diesel
4 provide compressor or diesel powered windlass
5 build tanks fir cyanide process
6 fund workers for none work related needs . This is risky needs a careful study.

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