Businessman Found Dead
7 July 2023
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Tragic End for Mission Businessman: Fanson Siziba, Found Dead in Mberengwa Bush

The community of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is mourning the loss of Fanson Siziba, a prominent businessman and one of the founding members of Tshova Mubaiwa Transport Co-operative. The 82-year-old entrepreneur, who had been reported missing on June 1, was discovered deceased in a bush in the Midlands province.

Siziba’s tragic demise has left his family and associates devastated. He was laid to rest on June 29 in his rural home of Marirazhombe Village under Chief Chizungu in Mberengwa, where he was honored with the status of a liberation war hero.

The circumstances surrounding Siziba’s death remain shrouded in mystery. A young girl who had ventured into the bush to fetch firewood stumbled upon his lifeless body, which was already in an advanced state of decomposition. The authorities were immediately notified, and Siziba’s family was informed of the heartbreaking discovery.

According to Sikhumbuzo Siziba, the family spokesperson, there were no visible signs of physical attacks on Siziba’s body, leading the police to suspect that he may have succumbed to extreme weather conditions and hunger. Complicating matters further, Siziba had been suffering from dementia, a cognitive disorder that could have contributed to his confusion and ultimately prevented him from finding his way back home.

The news of Siziba’s passing deeply affected the organizations he had been involved with throughout his life, including the transport sector and the war veterans associations. Recognizing his significant contributions to the community and the country’s independence, these organizations collectively decided to bestow upon him the esteemed title of a liberation war hero.

Born on May 2, 1942, Siziba’s life was one marked by sacrifice and service. In 1978, he abandoned his job as a driver to join the liberation struggle, seeking refuge in Zambia at a camp under the auspices of the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU). Later, Siziba was sent to Bucharest, Romania, where he underwent specialized training in driving and other skills aligned with the objectives of the liberation movement.

Returning to Zimbabwe after gaining valuable experience, Siziba worked closely with Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) commanders as a driver. However, upon the country’s independence, he chose not to join the Zimbabwe National Army and sought employment elsewhere.

Siziba secured a job at Monarch, where he worked as a truck driver, traversing various countries. It was during this period that he conceived the idea of venturing into the transport industry, which eventually led to the formation of the Insimbaluthi Partnership, an affiliate of Tshova Mubaiwa.

Established in 1983, Tshova Mubaiwa has since become one of Bulawayo’s most prominent private transport associations, thanks in part to Siziba’s unwavering dedication and commitment. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for community development were widely recognized, making his loss all the more devastating for those who had the privilege of knowing him.

Fanson Siziba leaves behind his wife, Chipo, 10 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. His legacy as a freedom fighter and a trailblazer in the transport industry will continue to inspire generations to come, reminding them of the sacrifices made by individuals like Siziba in shaping the nation’s history and progress.- state media