Dont Give Him Another Term, Says Busha Of Mnangagwa
8 July 2023
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Free Zim Congress presidential candidate Joseph Makamba Busha says President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to respect the Constitution and should not get another five year term to govern Zimbabwe.

Busha was launching his party’s campaign manifesto and introducing a few candidates who successfully filed for parliamentary posts in the upcoming plebiscite.

He told journalists once in power, his ambition is to make sure Zimbabweans redo the constitution.

“Is President Mnangagwa upholding the constitution? Section 103 and 104 and 106 talks about a President who should be able to respect the constitution.

“It talks about the responsibilities of ministries. The Vice President (Constantino Chiwenga) and ministers cannot hold any two public offices.

“However, we are aware that the VP is the Health minister and that is against the constitution. This has been like that for five years. Do we want to give the President another five years of disrespecting the constitution and not being able to obey the supreme law of the nation?” Busha said.

The Presidential aspirant argued that the Constitution must be changed because of its interference by the President in the governance of rural folks by chiefs.

“I believe that the constitution must be changed because it allows the President to interfere with traditional leadership.

“Traditional leaders must be independent and freely represent the people,” added Busha.

Chiefs including their leader Fortune Charumbira have in the past “illegally” canvassed for the ruling Zanu-PF.

Busha added: “When ministers are part of Parliament, they cannot be held accountable. That separation of responsibilities must be realised.

“As a nation we are swimming in corruption and unemployment because ministers are not accountable. There should be separation of responsibilities between them and parliament.

“Ministers cannot be members of Parliament because they are conflicted. This is why the ministers have failed to explain the US$15 billion that went missing. They cannot explain under- development in our country.”