Zanu PF Supporter Bashed For Wearing Party Regalia In Barbourfields Stadium 
10 July 2023
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By -An overzealous Zanu PF supporter was allegedly assaulted at Barbourfields Stadium (BF) in the Mpankweni stand on Sunday for wearing party regalia during the Highlanders and Triangle United match. 

Children of Zimbabwe War Veterans Association (COZWVA) posted on Twitter:

Zanu-pf supporter heavily beaten at Barbourfields Stadium (BF) at Mpankweni stand for wearing a party regalia.

The case highlights the ongoing issue of political violence in Zimbabwe after the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change recently reported that its members were assaulted by ZANU PF MPs in Gutu South following a visit by Nelson Chamisa. 

Zimbabwe has a long history of politically motivated violence, with incidents occurring especially during election periods. The 2018 presidential election saw several violent incidents, including a military crackdown on opposition supporters protesting the election results. The upcoming 2023 harmonised elections scheduled for August 23 provide an opportunity for the government to demonstrate its commitment to reducing political violence and promoting a peaceful and democratic electoral process.

Leaders of political parties, human rights activists, election watchdogs, and other electoral stakeholders have been calling for tolerance, peace, and unity ahead of the elections. The international community has also called for peaceful, credible, free and fair elections for re-engagement with Zimbabwe to be considered.