Citizens Denounce Zanu PF Barbarism
12 July 2023
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Stop the unconstitutional banning of CCC political rallies! CCC Namibia demands free, fair, credible, and unfettered elections.

10 July 2023

Citizens in Namibia condemn in absolute terms the illegal closure of the democratic space in Zimbabwe barely 44 days before the historic watershed elections.

We have noted with great disgruntlement the banning of CCC rallies across the breadth and lengths of the motherland ahead of the much-awaited plebiscite.

Namibia district has the conviction that all political parties are allowed to freely campaign for their presidential, parliamentary, and council candidates without fear.

We figured out that only ZANU PF and its surrogates are allowed to campaign because they don’t have the political capital with the capacity to unseat the unpopular corrupt Harare regime.

CCC Namibia advocates for the promotion of a conducive environment suitable for an undisputed election on the 23rd of August 2023.

It is now imperative for local, regional, continental, and international observers to aid establish an even playing field as we near the crucial do-or-die crunch.

The vigilant external assembly has noted the unwillingness of the gold mafia government to give room for the organic and pragmatic leader, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa to reach his anticipated legion of faithful supporters. The police in connivance with the clueless ZANU-PF regime have successfully barred the famous political outfit from holding their rallies in Masvingo Urban, Chiredzi, Zaka, Bindura, etc. This is in contravention of both the electoral law and the supreme law of the country. Nominated candidates should be allowed to market their manifestos before the citizens to win big.

Besides banning political rallies, ZANU-PF has also turned rogue on the CCC supporters and membership. The desperate regime is busy unleashing violence on the political opponents as a sure way of deterring them from galvanizing support in the communities. At this juncture, we expect the state to prosecute those who are abusing the universal basic human rights during this election season. We urge the police and the courts to operate independently.

CCC Namibia demands the independence of all state institutions since they were not installed to defend ZANUPF looters but the general populace.

It is without a doubt that the judiciary, police, Zec, etc are taking instructions from the politically defunct Shake-Shake building.

The constitution stipulates that state entities should not be politicized as in the disturbing scenario exhibited in the chrome mafia government. We call upon the ZANU-PF morons to respect the rule of law and constitutionalism in the motherland.

Zimbabweans are exhausted from partaking in disputed elections. The issue of illegitimacy should be dealt with once and for all on the 23rd of August. Citizens in Zimbabwe are encouraged to vote big, win big, and defend big on the day in question.

Furthermore, the incessant banning of rallies and unleashing of violence on innocent citizens must be resisted with equal measure. Self-defense is enshrined in the 2013 constitution. It is no longer time to fold one’s hands in the face of an attack on account of politics. We are equal citizens hence we should embrace dangerous freedom fighting for justice, equality, and better livelihoods in our fatherland. Citizens should resist intimidation and torture perpetrated by ZANU-PF thugs. Shoulder-for-shoulder should be our strategy going forward. Resistance is a permanent feature of existence!

The current political settings in Zimbabwe do not reflect any potential free, fair, credible, and unfettered elections. Zec has continued to conceal the electronic voters roll from the various stakeholders and we are quite aware that it intends to manipulate the roll. We demand the immediate release of a verifiable and auditable voter roll to curb rigging in favor of the politically inept regime led by Mr. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

Zimbabweans and the universe know that the rotten party cannot win free elections in the country.

CCC Namibia condemns ZANUPF violence in Bikita, Chiredzi, Gutu, etc. Our party is a peace-loving institution but that should not be mistaken for a weakness. It must be clear to everyone that the party knows where the theatre of the national democratic revolution lies. If the violence continues, we will demonstrate our fury through peaceful protests demanding a level campaigning field.

We cannot allow ZANU PF to continue treating us as second-class citizens in our country of birth.

Right now, Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala has endured state repression since the 14th of June 2022 to date on concocted charges.

The Zinasu Five are still languishing in the prison cells for exercising their constitutional right to protest against the arbitrary arrest of Saro Wiwa and the illegal imprisonment of Jacob Ngarivhume.

CCC Namibia demands their immediate release. Political freedoms are guaranteed in the supreme law of the motherland. We advocate for the fundamental rights of citizens to join political outfits of their choice. Selective application of the law is not a viable option this time around.

In a nutshell, citizens should commit and dedicate themselves to prosecuting the national democratic struggle to its logical conclusion. Let’s organize, recruit, and radicalize citizens for socio-economic mobility.

Citizens are urged to vote for jobs for all, health for all, better livelihoods for all, quality social services for all, and a New Great Zimbabwe for all led by the Change Champion-In-Chief, President Advocate Chamisa.



Freedom, EqualityAndJustice




CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya