Mnangagwa Boasts Of Victory
18 July 2023
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President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is also the ZANU PF First Secretary, has urged the nation to embrace peace as the August 23 general elections draw close.

He was addressing thousands of ZANU PF supporters gathered at Chinorumba Secondary School in Zaka this Sunday.

President Mnangagwa said everyone, including the opposition, must preach the gospel of peace.

“We began our rallies in the East, where the sun rises so that new things may come upon Zimbabwe as we win the 23 August elections. There were lots of people there but here in Masvingo, you have surpassed that. We have also been to Bulilima in Matabeleland South, and the turnout was huge.

“We should work together from the East to the South; we preach unity, peace, harmony, love. Whoever wants to join us should do so in our own song, they should not come with their own songs.

“The first thing which is important for the growth and development of our country is the keeping of peace. Since we began this campaign, there is peace in this country. I hear some other political party is having its rally in Gweru, i hope they embrace the peace prevailing in the country,” said the President.

“As we work together for our country, with respect among us, even our ancestors are pleased. See how beautiful it is when we all sit together as one, planning for the growth of our country. Those from the West wish the people of Zimbabwe to rise against the Government, but you are humiliating them by not doing so.”

The President chided the West for imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe, which he said have failed to separate the people from the ruling party.

“Those that had put us on sanctions thought this would make you rise against government, but you have proven otherwise. We should be proud to be Zimbabweans.

“Adoption of Pfumvudza addresses the issue of food security at household level. Free inputs are being given to small scale farmers and at household level. Commercial farmers are getting loans and we have so far realised 3 years of food security. We are now able to assist some countries including our friends in Rwanda. We used to buy wheat from Ukraine and fertilizer from Russia. But we are now making inroads into producing our own fertilizer and the wheat yield is increasing and now we no longer import,” he added.

He said the people’s welfare is a primary concern of the Second Republic so that people get out of poverty.

“Be someone who is remembered for preaching peace and unity, even after your death.”

“Our drone has counted you and you are more than 124 000. Mavhenyengwa and Chadzamira, you take the trophy,” said President Mnangagwa.

He reiterated, “We dont accept hate speech. We accept people may have different views, it’s expected, that is democracy. To all aspiring candidates, know that the people are the bosses. Those that put you into leadership positions, the people, are the bosses and you should respect them.”

Added President Mnangagwa, “We must be proud that we are Independent, we are a free people. We must be respected. We will not accept to be treated as second hand citizens.

We are equal to every single member of the United Nations. No nation should ever look down upon you. You are royal people. We are a great nation, we must never think we are inferior. We have a great country.”

“Thank you for coming out in numbers. I urge you to remain united and disciplined, under ZANU PF. Let us go and mobilise for the victory of our colossal Party. Our party shuns violence. Victory is certain. God bless Masvingo God bless Zimbabwe.”-ZBC News