Macheso’s Daughter In Toxic Relationship
19 July 2023
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By- Sungura music legend Alick Macheso’s daughter, Stacey, has claimed she is in a toxic relationship with her husband, Tanto Wavie.

But Wavie, a Hip-hop musician, has denied ever abusing his wife.
Responding to his wife’s posts on Instagram, the musician said people should not believe everything they see on social media.
Speaking to H-Metro, Tanto Wavie, whose real name is Shingirai Makaza, said the spousal abuse allegations are completely false. He said:
Not everything you see on social media is true or relatable to us, these allegations are completely false and baseless.
My wife and I have a loving and supportive relationship built on mutual respect and trust.
My wife is an incredibly talented artist in her own right and has been my biggest supporter from day one.
I am so proud of everything she has accomplished and will always stand by her side no matter what.
Stacey had posted her thoughts on social media saying “Being a woman is totally difficult” and married women suffer constant abuse at the hands of their spouses with no one fighting in their corner.
She later said she was not being abused by her husband but was just worried about other people’s marriages after some of her followers inundated her inbox with messages of sympathy. She wrote:
I love my husband, we fight here and there but it doesn’t mean that I am being abused.