Joburg Explosion Not At All Gas Linked | STATEMEMT
21 July 2023
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Egoli Gas Refutes Gas Pipeline Involvement in Grey Street Explosion

Johannesburg, July 21, 2023 – In a surprising turn of events, Egoli Gas, the leading gas provider in the region, has stated that they believe it is highly unlikely that the explosion on Grey Street in Johannesburg was caused by a gas pipeline or leak. The company has asserted that their gas pipelines remain intact, with no pressure loss experienced and uninterrupted gas supply to their customers in the area.

Egoli Gas, known for operating gas pipelines at extremely low pressure to ensure safe gas supply in densely populated areas, has emphasized that their infrastructure is unlikely to cause explosions or explode. Initial reports indicating the collapse on the road primarily occurred in the center have further supported their stance. The company clarifies that their gas pipelines are located in the road servitudes on the sides of roads, away from the affected area.

To ensure public safety, Egoli Gas has promptly dispatched their teams to the site to conduct thorough investigations for any potential gas leaks. As of now, no gas leaks have been found, reinforcing the notion that the gas pipelines were not involved in the explosion. The company urges the public not to jump to conclusions at this early stage of the investigation.

Egoli Gas is fully cooperating with emergency services and other relevant agencies present at the site to gather information and aid in the investigation. They reiterate that their gas pipelines, including those along Grey Street, are situated on the side of the road within intact road servitudes.

As the investigation continues, the cause of the explosion remains unknown. Egoli Gas assures the public that they are committed to transparency and will provide updates as soon as more information becomes available. In the meantime, the company advises residents and visitors to remain vigilant and rely on official statements rather than speculation.- Agencies