Zimbabwe Listed As Second Largest Consumer Of Beef Globally
22 July 2023
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By A Correspondent- Zimbabwe has been listed among the world’s leading consumers of beef, coming second after Argentina.

According to data released by Visual Capitalists on Most Consumed Meat in the World, Zimbabweans consumed an average of 42,3 kilogrammes of beef per capita per person last year, while  Argentines consumed 46,6 kilogrammes per capita.

Argentina’s 46 million-strong population eats nearly 47kg of bovine meat per person annually, the most by any country in the United Nations’ database.

Other countries in the top five are the United States of America, Australia and Brazil.

Food scientist and culinary expert, Rumbidzai Zarima, said the survey highlights the significant role that beef plays in the daily lives and cultural fabric of Zimbabwean society.

“The love for beef in Zimbabwe can be traced back to history. Cattle rearing has been an integral part of Zimbabwean culture for centuries, with cattle being a symbol of wealth, status, and prosperity,” Zarima said.

“The tradition of cattle farming has been passed down through generations, and the importance of beef in local cuisine has remained steadfast.”

Zarima said the beef industry has also played a vital role in the country’s economy.

“The sector provides employment opportunities for thousands of people, from cattle farmers to abattoir workers and meat processors. Additionally, the export of beef products contributes to foreign exchange earnings, further bolstering the nation’s economy.”

Despite eating more seafood and poultry, Hong Kong leads the world in pork consumption per capita annually at 55kg.

Poland and Spain – who are also top pork producers – rank close behind Hong Kong with similar pork consumption numbers.