Armed Robbers Raid Moleli High School
27 July 2023
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Zvimba- In a brazen and audacious attack, nine armed robbers stormed Moleli High School in Zvimba on Sunday, leaving a trail of destruction and theft in their wake. The incident occurred at approximately 6 pm when the assailants targeted the school premises, making off with a substantial amount of cash and valuable items.

According to National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the gang, equipped with pistols and iron bars, launched their assault by attacking two security guards. After overpowering the guards, the robbers proceeded to ransack the school, looting everything in their path.

The stolen loot includes an astonishing sum of US$2,001 and $26,920 in cash, 15 laptops, 29 cellphones, a two-plate stove, a photo-printer, and airtime vouchers worth US$57. The daring robbery has sparked outrage among local authorities and the community, prompting an urgent and intensive manhunt for the criminals.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi urged anyone with relevant information to come forward and report it to the nearest police station. The success of the investigation relies heavily on the cooperation and vigilance of the public in bringing these dangerous criminals to justice.

Regrettably, this incident is not an isolated occurrence. Schools have increasingly become targets for armed robberies, where criminals seize large sums of money and valuable property. Just a few months ago in May, a private college in Glen View, Harare, fell victim to a similar attack by four armed robbers. They made off with electrical appliances and an undisclosed amount of cash, terrorizing the institution’s staff and students in the process.

In another shocking incident in March 2021, eight armed robbers struck Gateway High School in Harare, deploying explosives to force open a safe containing more than US$250,000 in cash. The attack occurred around midnight, and the criminals left no stone unturned to achieve their malicious intentions.

The severity of these crimes has prompted the deployment of a specialized team of detectives from CID Homicide, responsible for investigating heinous and violent offenses. Their presence at the Gateway High School crime scene demonstrated the authorities’ commitment to pursuing justice and apprehending those responsible for such audacious criminal acts.

As the manhunt for the nine armed robbers in the recent Moleli High School incident intensifies, the entire community is urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities. It is vital for everyone to work together in ensuring the safety and security of schools and institutions that serve as the foundation of education and development for the youth.

The authorities and law enforcement agencies are determined to bring these criminals to justice and restore a sense of safety and peace within the community. Citizens are encouraged to cooperate fully with the ongoing investigations, as any piece of information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could be crucial in solving this crime and preventing similar incidents in the future.

As this story unfolds, stay tuned to reliable news sources for further updates on the manhunt and the progress of the investigation. The apprehension of the armed robbers responsible for this heinous act will serve as a crucial step in safeguarding the sanctity of educational institutions and the well-being of the students and staff within them.-state media