Chamisa Warms Up For State-House
30 July 2023
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By-The opposition CCC Presidential aspirant Nelson Chamisa said he would only serve for one term as President of Zimbabwe and retire to be a preacher.

The CCC leader told party supporters at a rally held at Muchakata Business Centre in Masvingo Central last week that late former President Robert Mugabe and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said he was the right person to fix all the country’s problems. Chamisa said, as quoted by The Mirror:

I will not stay long in power, I will only be in power for one term and leave others to lead the country. I have been telling you ndakasiirwa basa naTsvangirai and Mugabe kuti basa rako kuti ugadzire nyika ive nechimiro, yava nechimiro ngakuite mumwe (Tsvangirai and Mugabe gave me task to fix the country until all issues are resolved and leave the presidency to others). I will then go and rest in Gutu, teaching about leadership, and preaching the word of God.

He also said he will redraw the country’s provincial boundaries and reduce them from the current 10 to only 5, and also rename the provinces in order to do away with tribal connotations. Said Chamisa:

Midlands will be the administrative capital of our land, Masvingo will be known as the ancient capital also retaining our culture and tradition, Bulawayo as the Industrial capital, Manicaland as the horticultural capital.

The country will be reduced from 10 provinces to five regions, North, South, East, West and Central. We are currently dividing each other because of tribalism.

Chamisa said if he wins but fails to deliver, citizens are duty-bound to remove him from office. He said:

If I win the election and fail, the country should remove me from power. Leaders must know that they come and go. We want to stop the abuse of power.

He also pledged to have a lean and mean Government with a maximum of 15 competent cabinet ministers.