Printing of Ballot Papers Commences Without Kasukuwere’s Face
30 July 2023
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In a significant development for Zimbabwe’s upcoming presidential election, the printing of ballot papers has commenced without the inclusion of presidential aspirant Mr Saviour Kasukuwere’s face. This comes after the conclusion of all court cases related to the election last week, as confirmed by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

The process of printing the ballot papers began soon after the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by Mr Saviour Kasukuwere on Friday. The appeal sought to overturn a High Court ruling that barred him from contesting the August 23 election. With the legal hurdles cleared, ZEC vice chairperson Ambassador Rodney Kiwa stated in an interview with The Sunday Mail that there are no issues with the presidential ballot papers.

Ambassador Kiwa revealed that ZEC has initiated the printing of the presidential ballot papers. However, the printing process for ballot papers related to National Assembly constituencies is being impacted by ongoing court challenges. This delay is also hindering other election-related processes, such as postal voting.

ZEC has not yet distributed voting materials for postal voting to eligible members, including uniformed forces, election officials, and diplomatic personnel working abroad. Postal voting is an essential provision for those who will be on official duty during the election day.

While ZEC is clear on the presidential ballot, they are yet to finalize the National Assembly ballot papers due to the pending court cases. The situation has raised concerns about potential delays in the electoral process and has prompted ZEC to work diligently to resolve the outstanding issues.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, ZEC is set to conduct elections for members of the National Council of Chiefs, signaling the first stage of the 2023 harmonized elections. The ballot paper for this election has already been prepared but remains blank as the commission awaits the nomination of chiefs on August 3, 2023. Thirty-six chiefs will be elected into the Council of Chiefs to represent traditional leaders across various provinces.

As the nation gears up for the crucial August 23 polls, the omission of Saviour Kasukuwere’s face from the presidential ballot papers marks a notable development in the election process. The electoral commission remains committed to ensuring a smooth and transparent election, and the printing of the ballots is a significant step towards achieving this goal.