Mavaza Says: CCC Humiliated After Saying Judiciary Is Captured
4 August 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | The recent decision by the Supreme Court to grant clearance to the 12 Bulawayo CCC parliamentary contenders is a clear indication of the robustness and independence of Zimbabwe’s judiciary. Contrary to the CCC’s claims that the judiciary is captured, this decision shows that the courts are impartial and capable of making fair rulings.

Masimba Mavaza

It is essential to highlight the principle of the rule of law, which implies that no individual or organization is above the law, and the government itself is subject to the law. In the context of Zimbabwe, the government has consistently complied with legal requirements in all jurisdictions, and it has adequately enforced laws and regulations. Zimbabwe has always respected the rule of law, and the judiciary’s recent decision is a reaffirmation of this fact.

Dr Mavaza with Cde Nyathi

However, it is disheartening to witness the selective acceptance of the judiciary’s decisions by the CCC. When a ruling goes in their favor, they celebrate it, but when it does not align with their interests, they are quick to impugn the judiciary’s partiality. This behavior undermines the credibility of their claims and raises questions about their commitment to democratic values.

Moreover, it is crucial for all political parties, including the CCC, to focus on the issues, policies, and democratic aspirations of the people rather than allowing disputes over candidate eligibility to overshadow the electoral discourse. Engaging in Strategic Ambiguity, as seen in the case of the 12 Bulawayo CCC contenders, only begets confusion and undermines the democratic process.

Furthermore, it is essential for political leaders and their followers to cultivate maturity and respect court verdicts, irrespective of their own preferences. Upholding the rule of law means accepting the decisions of the judiciary, even if they go against one’s interests. Zimbabwe’s judiciary has made decisions in the past that favored the opposition, demonstrating its independence and impartiality.

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision, it is high time for the CCC to acknowledge the integrity of the judiciary and refrain from making baseless claims saying it’s captured. The judiciary’s independence is crucial for a functioning democracy, and all political parties must support and uphold its autonomy. Demonizing the judiciary when rulings do not go in their favor only serves to undermine public trust in the legal system.

In conclusion, the recent Supreme Court decision in favor of the 12 Bulawayo CCC contenders is a testament to the robustness and independence of Zimbabwe’s judiciary. The CCC should learn from this and respect the rule of law by accepting court verdicts without selective acceptance. Zimbabwe’s commitment to the rule of law is evident, and it is essential for all political parties to uphold and respect the independence of the judiciary for the sake of a healthy and vibrant democracy.