Mnangagwa Declares Victory Before Polls
4 August 2023
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The Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed party members in Bulawayo on Wednesday.

Speaking at a star rally in the city of Kings, Mnangagwa claimed victory before polls.

Snippets from President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ZANU PF Bulawayo Star Rally Address:

I am very happy to be in The City of Kings and Queens. Thank you Bulawayo Omuhle for coming out in your numbers to support the party. Your presence is proof of your determination to protect our vote, freedom, peace and unity…

I thank you all Bulawayo Province, Well done.

I commend you for the great peace even upon provocation from pseudo-political parties.

Zimbabwe is a unitary state, we are a very peaceful and humble people, we are one PEOPLE.

ZANU PF IS people’s is a party for and by the people. We brought democracy from the protracted liberation struggle.

This month, we are going to be remembering our heroes and heroines who laud their lives for our independence. We honour all of them.

On the 23rd of August, we want to vote for ZANU PF to ensure a resounding victory, ZANU PF won yesterday, it will win tomorrow.

ZANU PF is unstoppable.

The opposition has failed across the country, and all the local authorities they control are a shame… Shame, shame, shame on you the opposition!

ZANU PF delivers, it is about action yet all the opposition does is talk with no tangible results.

Under our party, we are on the road to delivering a higher quality of life, we are a people’s party, and sustainable development is seen everywhere.

ZANU PF is uncontested in some parts of Bulawayo, not because it stopped anybody, but because they stopped themselves.

Victory is certain, victory is on the horizon, the sun is coming up and it will only shine for ZANU PF.

I want to remind the opposition that the State House is very far. They’d rather walk to America on foot than dream of ever reaching the State House.

In the last three years, Zimbabwe has been the fastest-growing economy in SADC.

We are building our country on the basis of our own domestic resources.

Under the Second Republic, we have plans to revitalise Bulawayo into an industrial hub.

The first port of call is water provision.

Nyamandlovu Aqua Farm was my first step, followed by the Gwayi-Shangani Dam. Once all these are complete, water woes will be history

The second is energy, hence we built Hwange 7 and 8 with help from China.

Each one of us, as long as we are Zimbabwean, should engage in production.

There are three principles you should teach your children; Nyika inovakwa, igonamatirwa, igotongwa nevene vayo.

I am upgrading Beitbridge Border Post. Joshua Nkomo Airport has more airlines coming into Bulawayo because of the Second Republic and work has begun to upgrade the Beitbridge- Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway.

I don’t want bullying in schools, our children must respect each other and be patriotic that we leave the country in safe hands.

I am aware that some of our families have been staying in houses for about 30 years with no title deeds, but under The Second Republic, we will ensure that they all have title deeds.

This is the philosophy of ZANU PF that no one and no place will be left behind.

Under the Second Republic, international sport is coming to Zimbabwe.

We are also refurbishing Babourfields Stadium, the home of Highlanders who are doing very well with 17 games unbeaten. Congratulations Highlanders!!!!!!!

Young people must reject and refuse the use of drugs, no nation can develop under the use of drugs.

We, your leaders want to leave Zimbabwe better than we found it, but we don’t want to leave it to a drunk generation.

Zimbabwe is a friend to all and an enemy to none, but there is nothing we can do about those who choose to hate us.

We have invited foreign observers to come for our elections, but those countries who have already taken a position on the elections are not welcome.

We are inviting those who are not biased, we have upheld constitutionalism by holding elections every 5 years.

Once again I want to express my gratitude, as I conclude, to you Bulayo omuhle for coming, we shall remain one people, united and working towards one goal.

We are solid, we know where we want to go and forward we go.

23 August, the People’s victory is achievable under ZANU PF.

Now I say to you, we want peace, shun violence, and guard against detractors who may lead you astray.

I THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Source :ZBC News