Zanu PF Manicaland Executive Member Orchestrated Violence Against CCC Supporters in Honde Valley
4 August 2023
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By Peterson Matarutse| A Zanu PF Manicaland executive member and war veteran popularly known as Cde Tins Samanga is alleged to have planned the orgy of violence that rocked Honde Valley after CCC held its rally at Hauna Growth Point.

The controversial war veteran known for his penchant of violence is said to have gathered Zanu PF youths around Gatsi village close to Hauna where the CCC held its rally. He is said to have instructed the youths to bar and threaten their peers not to attend the rally.

“As early as 9 in the morning, Tins was rounding Zanu PF youths in Gatsi to intimidate anyone who wanted to attend the CCC rally.

” The youths were being given Super (alcohol) which he was carrying in his Zanu PF branded vehicle, “revealed a source who requested anonymity.

However, there was outright defiance as thousands of youths walked on foot, braved a chilly weather and endured long hours waiting for CCC leader Nelson Chamisa to address them.

Before the arrival of Chamisa, some Zanu PF thugs including former ruling party councillor Tsarukanai Chinanho were moving around Hauna Growth Point pasting their campaign posters on CCC posters.

“The Zanu PF guys were provoking people by going around pasting their posters on CCC rally posters. Some vendors were heard saying because of such antics by the ruling party they were going to give a sympathy vote to the opposition,” said one on-looker who witnessed the incident.

In a turn of events, the above mentioned Zanu PF thugs are said to have followed the address by Chamisa from a distance before joining the crowd where some of them openly admitted that Chamisa was charismatic.

It is believed that after learning of the eccentric crowd at CCC rally, Cde Tins hurriedly organised another batch of Zanu PF youth hoodlums from his area, Dumba, where they then waylaid the convoy of CCC President Nelson Chamisa.

“Tins was dismayed by the defiance of youths from Gatsi who despite the threats made their way to the venue. He then opted to go to his home area in Dumba village where he gathered a few Zanu PF youths including his nephews.

” They then blocked the road from Gwiriri up to the Nyanga-Mutare highway smashing windows of the vehicles ferrying CCC members but had it not been the instruction from President Nelson Chamisa we were itching for a fight.

” We would have outnumbered them and we were ready to defend ourselves. We wish some of our members who got injured a speedy recovery,” said a CCC supporter who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation.

The war veteran and Zanu PF Manicaland executive member Cde Tins is notorious for perpetrating violence. Having a disfigured mouth from war injury , he brags that the scar shows ‘resistance’ to imperialists and regime change agenda.

Samanga could not be reached for a comment.