Car Thief Quickly Runs Out Of Luck
5 August 2023
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Former MP Thabitha Khumalo Duped by Good Samaritan Turned Thief

In a shocking incident, a man who had offered to help former Citizens Coalition For Change MP Thabitha Khumalo connect a battery to her car turned out to be a thief. The man, identified as Patrick Ncube, sped off with Khumalo’s vehicle before he was involved in a serious accident in Gweru.

According to a close source, Ncube assisted Khumalo in connecting the battery, but when given the opportunity, he took off in her car, leaving her helpless in trying to stop him. Khumalo attempted to contact Ncube afterward, but he did not answer her calls.

After two days, Khumalo managed to get through to Ncube’s phone, but it was answered by a woman who revealed that he had been in an accident and was admitted to Gweru General Hospital with serious injuries. The woman also disclosed that the car had been impounded by the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) in Gweru and required US$300 for repairs.

Subsequently, Khumalo reported the incident to Sauerstown Police Station, leading to Ncube’s arrest. Ncube claimed that Khumalo had asked him to help connect the battery and test-drive the car, leading to the unfortunate incident.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident, and investigations are ongoing. Efforts to obtain a comment from Thabitha Khumalo have been unsuccessful so far.