Mafume Brings Back Rufaro To Rufaro Stadium
5 August 2023
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By Dorrothy Moyo | In the heart of Harare, where dreams take flight,
Stands Rufaro Stadium, once a shadow in the night.
But now, a beacon of hope, it gleams with delight,
All thanks to Mayor Mfume, his vision burning bright.

Barely five years ago, he took the reins,
Over the capital city, where ambition refrains,
Yet undeterred, he forged ahead, not for personal gains,
But to bring back joy, break free from the chains.

Amidst an economic crisis, he faced the storm,
Undaunted, he set out to transform,
The sports facility, once forlorn,
With the efficiency of a trillion-dollar norm.

In a nation plagued with struggles and strife,
He showed resilience, brought back life,
With wisdom and grace, he wielded the knife,
Cutting through obstacles, sharp as a knife.

The entire country marveled in awe,
At the stadium’s revival, none could foresaw,
A leap into the future, a dream they all saw,
A testament to his leadership, without a flaw.

In the face of restrictions, he stood tall,
Championing progress, breaking the wall,
He painted a picture, a vision for all,
A future so bright, it left them enthralled.

Mayor Mfume, a true visionary,
In his hands, the city’s destinies carry,
With passion and love, he’s made them merry,
The echoes of joy now, they’ll forever parry.

So let the trumpets sound, and banners fly,
In Rufaro Stadium, hearts soar to the sky,
A legacy built, as the years go by,
For a hundred years, its joy will never die.