Rampant Looting Of Lithium Rocks Mberengwa
10 August 2023
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Mberengwa – Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president and now CCC Parliamentary candidate for Mberengwa Central Constituency, Dr Takavafira Zhou has called for an urgent engagement between the people of Mberengwa and a mining company called Kuvimba to resolve the issue of alleged massive looting of lithium in the area.

He called on the people of Mberengwa to come together, unite and confront Kuvimba Mining House otherwise posterity is going to judge them harshly.

Speaking in an audio that he posted on social media this week, Zhou said the level of looting of the mineral without any benefit to the local communities is alarming.

He described it as irresponsible mining.
He alleged that Indians and Chinese were also looting K grade emeralds from these mines and they did so with the permission of Kuvimba.

Zhou said the quantity of minerals mined is not known, the money that is being fetched is not known and the destination of the minerals is also not known. He said Kuvimba claimed that it had invested US$5 million in the lithium mines but there is no sign of any investment.
He said that hundreds of trucks ply the district daily to ferry stripped lithium to unknown destinations. He said Kuvimba has destroyed roads and dust spews in villages, business centres and schools as the trucks go up and down the district.…