Mnangagwa Seizes Pulpit Again
13 August 2023
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Emmerson Mnangagwa’s speech at Johanne the Fifth of Africa gathering in Mvuma on Friday…

What Mnangagwa said at the event :

I am happy to be with you here today.

Archbishop Makururu visited me at the State House to extend his welcome to visit your church. Prior to me visiting, I delegated Cde Bimha and Cde Chinamasa to visit you and in both their visits they gave positive feedback on how you welcomed them.

I am honoured to have come here to meet you in Midlands Province at a time where you have proposed to construct your Church headquarters right here in Chirumanzu.

I have heard Archbishop Makururu encouraging you to vote for team ZANU PF on all 3 the Presidential, National assembly and local authority election, just like the holy trinity; The Father Son and Holy Spirit. These are indeed things of the spirit.

Prophets are the light that lead us your leaders. All leaders want to move in light and in ways of the truth and we rely on you the Church to pray for us.

For a Country to move forward there is need for spiritual guidance. Churches preach peace love and harmony… Psalm 33 vs 1.

God loves those who respect, love and are united amongst themselves.

Matthew 5vs 13-14, You are the salt of the world, if the salt is good it is used to flavour the relish, if not it is thrown away. God gave us Zimbabwe let us work for our country that is how we add flavour to our country.

If amongst us there are lazy people prepare yourself for death as that is pronounced in the Bible. Let us all work hard, for us to develop our country. For the past 3 years we have managed to retain enough grain for our consumption without outsourcing and we have reached a point where we will export grain.

These are the benefits of hardwork, so lets continue to work in order to reach our targeted Vision2030

If you see those who say vote me in and I will invite foreigners to assist us in building our country, dismiss them. It is our sole responsibility to build our economy brick by brick. No one will do it for us.

We are not a lesser society do not look down upon yourselves. We are equally able to achieve our own goals alone without hand holding, the Bible says we are a chosen people.

Archbishop Makururu, as you build this Church, take note that you are building peace, unity, love and harmony for these are the principles of a Church. We can only lead a people who are anchored by these principles of the Church.

Phillipians 4vs 6, Ask the Lord for the specific desires of your heart. As a country we ask the Lord for all the good things to take our country to the next level. The Church asks on behalf of the country, us as political leadears we also ask and traditional leaders ask the Lord as well through our ancestors. These three also present (3) – as the Holy Trinity.

Congratulations Archbishop Makururu and your church for the work of the Lord that you are doing. Let us thrive to make this a better place before we leave it to our future generation

I call upon you to teach our children the good ways and to desist from taking drugs so that they will preserve our county’s heritage as they are the future.

I am grateful Zimbabwe is
peaceful as we are in this election season. There are some who may want to incite violence, but we shun them.

James 1vs27, True religion is loving those who are vulnerable and needy, my Government chooses to leave no one and no place behind.

Internationally, we are a friend to all and enemy to none, those who choose to be our enemies that is their choice, we are a Christian nation and we choose love over hate.

Psalm 82 vs3… Under the 2nd Republic, I guarantee you all freedom of worship, if you have pleas that you want my government to address feel free to approach us for we pledge our full support to the church.

I call upon you to continue to pray for us your leaders.

Thank you all, God bless you.

Source : ZBC News