Mnangagwa’s Call for Honest Hard Work Resonates With the Youth – Shepherd Nhamo
22 August 2023
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By Cimba Shepherd Nhamo | In the heart of Zimbabwe’s history lies a tale of courage, sacrifice, and unyielding determination. The young souls who left their homes and families behind to fight for the nation’s freedom embody a spirit that resonates with the very essence of Zimbabwe’s identity. Their heroism, echoed through the seven heroes of Chinhoyi, paints a vivid portrait of the nation’s struggle against oppression and the quest for self-determination.

Shepherd Nhamo

The number seven, deeply symbolic in various cultural contexts, weaves its way through Zimbabwe’s narrative. From the creation of heaven and earth in seven days to the fall of Jericho’s walls, this number signifies totality and completeness. As Zimbabwe prepares for its harmonized elections, the timing of events, marked by seven-month intervals, seems almost serendipitous. Yet, beyond the numbers, it is the indomitable spirit of the youth that remains a constant thread, shaping the nation’s destiny.

The legacy of the liberation war stands as a testament to the power of youthful determination. The likes of Emerson Mnangagwa, Perrence Shiri, Sibusiso Moyo, and Constantino Chiwenga, who took up arms in their youth, carved the path to Zimbabwe’s freedom. Today’s youth bear the torch of responsibility, not only to honor the sacrifices of the past but also to build a prosperous future.

The Mnangagwa administration’s call for honest hard work and economic participation resonates with the youth. While sloganeering has its place, meaningful opportunities and access to resources are the true catalysts of progress. This approach has earned President ED the admiration of the youth, who see in him a leader advocating for economic empowerment rather than empty rhetoric.

In the face of challenges, the emergence of young business leaders like Mike Chimombe, Dennis Chafota, Tino Machakaire, Simbarashe Ziyambi, and Scott Sakupwanya is a testament to the youth’s potential to drive economic growth. The youth’s presence in various sectors reflects a shifting tide, where their energies and ideas dominate the landscape.

From the battlefields of the past to the mining fields of Kwekwe and the wheat farms of Mhangura, Zimbabwe’s youth stand poised for a new era. Their determination to create a future free from the shackles of past injustices is unwavering. As the nation looks ahead, the torch once carried by the brave seven heroes continues to burn bright in the hands of today’s youth, propelling Zimbabwe toward an era of economic growth and prosperity.