Key Facts About EIA And Mining
2 September 2023
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Environmental impact assessment

In response to a misprint where we said EIAs or Environmental impact assessment is done by Ministry of Mines instead of the Environmental Management Agency consultant, we will briefly outline the process and requirements.

For the record, EIA
is done by EMA through registered agents.

Inorder to get an EIA certificate that outlines how you will manage the environment where you conduct your project to satisfaction of EMA requirements you must follow the following requirements.

You must have a registered mine with work approved by the Ministry of Mines . From there you choose a consultant qualified to do so approved by the ministry of mines who understands the laws of the country especially to do with Environmental management.

When he/she starts the process, she calculates the total project cost and send to EMA for billing then they will charge you a small percentage for you to proceed with your consultations .

Then there is consultation phase where you consult in writing key stakeholders depending on location but the following are there everywhere in the country
1 District administration
2 Rural district council and
4 Forestry commission
5 Agritex
7 local communities x 15
These above stakeholders have their own requirements inorder to fill the form given to them and comment .

After these consultations have been a book is compiled and submitted to EMA for proper assessment before it is approved if meets the standard of Environmental management then a certificate will be issued giving permission to proceed with the intended project.

However as you continue more licensing is required depending on activities you are carrying out .

For your EIAs we have a consultant who does at affordable prices compared to the rest of consultants across the country as low as 1000usd depending on project specifications.

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