Boycott Parliament, CCC MPs Told
4 September 2023
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Choose perks in Parliament\Council or the oppressed poverty-stricken masses! CCC Namibia echoes!

Statement: Citizens in Namibia urge elected members of parliament and councilors in recent flawed elections to avert the temptation to defy the clarion call by the organic party to campaign for a fresh plebiscite. It is public knowledge that taking part in Parliament and Councils is tantamount to endorsing the illegitimate president who subverted the will of the citizenry.

CCC Namibia emphasizes that the pragmatic party is pro-poor hence the dire need to embrace social liberation policies. MPs and Councillors should speak audibly pronouncing the illegitimacy of Mr. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his cabal. Citizens’ members of parliament must not accept a swearing-in ceremony administered by an unconstitutional president based on the scientific findings of the SADC Observer Mission, AU, Carter, EU, ZESN, ERC, etc. The various observer missions noted intimidation of voters by FAZ, suppression of the vote in Harare, Bulawayo, and Manicaland, abuse of the Constitution and the electoral law as well as the SADC principles and guidelines on democratic elections.

At this juncture, we anticipate that elected MPs and Councillors should brace for participatory democracy demanding fresh elections conducted by an independent electoral commission since Zec has dismally failed to pass integrity, accountability, and transparency tests. We can’t continue with coercion, intimidation, politically motivated violence, banning of political rallies, and voter suppression that breed illegitimacy. As a party, we should avoid elements of political greed as a way of amplifying our voices demanding fresh free, fair, credible, and unfettered elections in Zimbabwe.

After the rigged 2018 elections, the people’s MPs tried in vain to confront the illegitimacy of Mr. Mnangagwa but were marred by the Supreme Court judgment of March 2020. It was unfortunate that ZANU-PF-controlled Mwonzora began to illegally recall our MPs one by one. This time around the party should make sure that the gold mafia president does not swear in any CCC member of parliament. All duly declared MPs and councilors must resist belly politics reflecting their commitment and dedication to prosecuting the national democratic revolution to its logical conclusion.

Elected legislators should reject endorsing this coup on the ballot by Zec and their ZANU-PF handlers. Advocates of Social Democracy must choose the side of the victimized people of Zimbabwe who were denied their constitutional right to vote for various leaders of their choice without coercion. One-Man One-Vote was the main reason why the Chitepos and Tongogaras launched the protracted war of liberation. It is now imperative to learn from Mwonzora and the cabal who are enduring the cold. They chose their stomachs ahead of the electorate. CCC Namibia pledges to stand with principled legislators and councilors.

The temptation of diplomatic passports, cars, loans, and other perks should not derail our struggle for socio-economic transfiguration in a New Great Zimbabwe led by none other than the change champion in chief, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Change champions should bear in mind that this is the only opportunity for us to win Zimbabwe for a complete change with the assistance of SADC and AU. The decision by SADC and AU not to endorse and sign shambolic elections must be applauded. We salute Dr. Nevers Mumba and his great team of varlour for resisting ZANU-PF bullying.

Choose perks in Parliament or the oppressed people who endure abject poverty due to the legitimacy crisis in Zimbabwe! So far Hon Fadzayi Mahere, Hon Happymore Chidziva only to mention a few have already indicated their preparedness to set aside their resounding victories against all odds in solidarity with the rigged legislators in Manicaland, Harare, and the countryside where command voting was prevalent perpetrated by FAZ and traditional leaders.




Free,Fair, CredibleElections


CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya