Women Empowerment Initiative Gathers Momentum
10 September 2023
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By A Correspondent

Ree Women Vision Empowerment Network is a rapidly growing platform for emancipation.

Through the network, women are keen to end male chauvinism.

Reconciliant Chinhamo is the lady behind Ree Women Vision Empowerment Network.

She was born at Musume Hospital. She grew up in the village and studied in the village and at that time she was not able to finish school. She also person grew up selling sweets at school. In 2016 she started ordering clothes and selling them. In 2020 she opened a shop. In 2022 she opened an office in Harare for the development of women urging them to stand up for themselves.

Despite learning challenges during her childhood, Chinhamo managed to navigate her way to the summit of women empowerment. She is currently pursuing studies with Spaces College in Harare.

Below is a statement released by Ree Women Vision Empowerment Network…

R.W.V.E.N is a registered company in Zimbabwe, empowering women in agriculture, poultry, borehole drilling, and vehicle purchase. We encourage and motivate women to work together as one. Thereby, providing opportunities for women in communities around Zimbabwe to develop their capabilities, equipping them with skills and knowledge needed to take self-reliant actions to improve their lives and living conditions. This will not only benefit women but also the country as a whole.

Opportunities are created by educating members to be professionals in their field of interest without any restrictions or limitation. We have also seen that in order to mobiles women to focus on development they must be given opportunity to decide on what to do with their generated income.
Registration fee is twenty five United States Dollar us $25 on none refundable. Paying joining fee only does not mean that you are entitled to profits, if you do not contribute or participate in projects.

NB. What you contribute determines your share of profits. Do not EXPECT to get the same share with those who contribute more. We are situated in Harare CBD corner Kwame &Angwa Robinson House.

Once you join there is an admin cost [10%] of what you contribute. If in any case one wants refund we still deduct 10%.

Every women including youths, single mothers, married women, elderly and widows can be part of the organization. The good part about our organization is that everyone is entitled to benefit. We also do weekly stockvel and monthly stockvel, thereby providing for women to save.

However in order to participate in the projects that we have, you will have to become a member and have a card that you will always carry with you.

To become a member, you will have shares from your company as a percentage of profit.

An ID is required, proof of residence and your photo are placed on the membership cards. If you are from our office, look for a relative or a trusted friend to send.

Our company provides free land for the members and please note that we do not provide farming equipment needed you have to contribute as a group.

Unless if you need help from the company in form of money and you will return the money with interest.

Ree Women Vision Empowerment Network
Specialises: In women empowerment in agriculture.


Robinson house Cell 0779231500
1st Floor, room 129
Courner Angwa street and Kwame

EMAIL [email protected]

REE Women Empowerment Network