UK Hit By Fake Zim Drivers Licenses
15 September 2023
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Fake Zimbabwean Driver’s Licenses Scandal Hits UK

In a startling revelation, the United Kingdom has been hit by a growing problem of fake Zimbabwean driver’s licenses infiltrating the country’s roads. The issue has prompted the government to issue a comprehensive response to address the concerns surrounding these counterfeit licenses.

Zim Government’s Response:

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development has expressed deep concern regarding the proliferation of social media messages discussing the challenges faced by Zimbabwean drivers attempting to convert their licenses to British driver’s licenses in the UK. In a bid to shed light on this matter, the government has released the following responses to some of the questions raised by Zimbabwean drivers:

1. Recognition of Zimbabwean Driver’s Licenses:
The British Government continues to recognize Zimbabwean driver’s licenses. However, there are troubling reports of fake metallic licenses being used, resulting in road traffic accidents. Consequently, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in the UK has taken measures to demand Certificates of Competency during the conversion process from Zimbabwean licenses to British licenses.

2. Duplicate Certificates of Competency:
At present, the system does not permit the issuance of duplicate Certificates of Competency, as they are valid for only thirty (30) days by law. Nevertheless, the Ministry is actively engaged in discussions with the DVLA to revise the requirement for a Certificate of Competency during license conversion.

3. License Class Conversion:
Some drivers holding Zimbabwean class two driver’s licenses have faced difficulties in converting to classes 4 and 5 in the UK. DVLA’s reluctance is due to concerns that many class two drivers may lack essential skills. In response, the Ministry has introduced provisions for testing drivers for class four, ensuring they meet the necessary competency standards for the respective classes.

4. Application Rejections and Fake Certificates:
Applicants are strictly prohibited from submitting fake Certificates of Competency to the DVLA or any licensing authority. Such actions may lead to the revocation of valid driver’s licenses. The government strongly advises drivers to follow the proper channels for license conversion and refrain from engaging in any illicit activities.

5. Verification of Licenses:
Complaints about DVLA’s inability to contact CVR (possibly an authority related to verification) have arisen. The government states that CVR maintains daily communication with DVLA and provides contact emails for those seeking license verification. Additionally, concerned citizens are encouraged to seek assistance from their respective embassies if needed.

The UK government is taking these measures to ensure the authenticity of driver’s licenses and the competence of drivers on its roads. The issue of fake Zimbabwean driver’s licenses remains a significant concern, and these responses aim to address the challenges faced by Zimbabwean drivers seeking license conversion in the United Kingdom.