Dumped Plumtree Man In Court For Violently Assaulting Girlfriend
23 September 2023
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A man from Plumtree has appeared in court for a violent assault on his girlfriend after she informed him of her disinterest in their relationship.

Godknows Ndlovu (24) from Alpha suburb stood before Plumtree magistrate Joshua Nembaware, facing charges of physical abuse as outlined in Section (3) (i) (a) in conjunction with Section 4 of the Domestic Violence Act Chapter 5:16.

He pleaded guilty to the charges and was fined US$300, with an alternative sentence of two months’ imprisonment. Furthermore, an additional three months of imprisonment were suspended for a five-year period, contingent upon his avoidance of any offenses involving physical abuse during that time.

Ndlovu explained, “She told me that she was pregnant, but when she came back she told me that she was no longer pregnant. So I was angry that she had aborted.”

According to the State’s case, presented by Voster Makuwerere, the incident occurred on August 26th at approximately 6 am. Ndlovu had a dispute with his girlfriend, Brenda Mdlongwa, after she revealed her intention to end their relationship.

In a fit of rage, Ndlovu confiscated her cellphone and left. Later that same day, around 11 am, he returned home and confronted Mdlongwa regarding their troubled relationship. He began to threaten her with an electric cable and, ultimately, followed through with his threats. He struck her once with an open hand on her face, causing Mdlongwa to flee the house.

Ndlovu pursued her, caught up with her, and forcibly brought her back inside the house.

On September 5th, at approximately 9 pm, Ndlovu and his girlfriend were drinking at Ndabayakhe Night Club when Mdlongwa engaged in a conversation with her friend, known only as Mayibongwe. This interaction displeased Ndlovu, resulting in an altercation between the two parties.

While on their way home, Ndlovu assaulted Mdlongwa multiple times on the face with open hands, causing her to sustain a painful eye injury.

The incident was reported to the police, leading to Ndlovu’s arrest. Mdlongwa received medical attention at the hospital.