Exam Cheats Jailed 9 Years As Rapists Are Released
24 September 2023
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“Zimbabwe Announces Stricter Penalties to Combat Exam Paper Leaks Amidst Concerns Over Accountability for Corruption”

In a move aimed at tackling the persistent problem of exam paper leaks, the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) has introduced new regulations imposing significantly harsher penalties on those involved in leaking public examination question papers. This decision comes at a time when concerns have been raised about the apparent impunity of individuals like Wicknell Chivayo, who have benefited from corrupt practices involving public facilities.

Under the newly announced measures, individuals convicted of leaking public examination question papers now risk facing up to nine years in prison, a substantial increase from the previous maximum penalty of one year. Learners found guilty of the same offense will also face severe consequences, with their examination results being nullified.

Previously, those caught engaging in similar misconduct often received community service sentences, leading to criticism that the punishment did not act as a sufficient deterrent.

Zimsec board chairperson, Professor Eddie Mwenje, emphasized that these new regulations have been developed in response to the increasing problem of question paper leaks, which have been exploited for financial gain. He stated that the help of the Attorney-General was sought to draft these stricter regulations, which will be gazetted in the near future.

In a separate interview, Zimsec public relations manager Ms. Nicky Dlamini highlighted that these stringent penalties are intended to discourage potential offenders. Dlamini underlined that Zimsec has taken various measures to enhance examination security and prevent malpractices, though the exact details of these security enhancements remain confidential.

According to the new regulations, candidates found in possession of question papers before the examination, as well as those with pre-access to the papers, will have their results nullified. The same consequences will apply to candidates who are found to have distributed exam papers before the official tests. These individuals will only be allowed to take their exams after a delay of “four examination sessions.”

To prevent future leaks, Zimsec has also implemented additional security measures during the transportation of question papers and answer transcripts.

However, educationist Professor Caiphas Nziramasanga stressed that combating exam paper leaks requires transparency and integrity at every level of the education system. He highlighted the need for honesty in all aspects of the examination process, from the creation of question papers to their distribution and administration.

In recent years, Zimbabwe has faced numerous instances of exam paper leaks, leading to the conviction of over 100 individuals, including school headmasters, teachers, police officers, and learners. The introduction of stricter penalties reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the education system and addressing this pressing issue.

As these new regulations take effect, Zimbabwean authorities hope to send a clear message that cheating and corruption in education will not be tolerated, while also encouraging a culture of academic honesty among learners.