Mnangagwa Deceives Citizens
27 September 2023
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ZanuPF To Render Councillors Useless With Appointment Of Commissioners

Mnangagwa is out to render all City Council Councillors useless and ineffective by appointing ZanuPF blueboy commissioners.

ZanuPF has already started the process of identifying potential commissioners for each City. The strategy is make sure they neutralize the CCC dominated Council with ZanuPF members.

In Masvingo former Town Clerk Adlof Gusha ,a well known ZanuPF activist is one tipped to leading a ten team of Commissioners to be deployed to the City Council.

These Commissioners will have no voting powers in Chambers but are going to push for consensus on topical issues. A list of Identified commissioners for Masvingo is still being vetted by the ZanuPF and Security department.The other commissioners’ names are still under consideration whilst some have already been notified.

ZanuPF sometime ago appointed special Councillors to City Councils. In Masvingo ZanuPF appointed former Town Clerk Mhangami , former Councillor Mabaya and Mai Chiturumani. It seems ZanuPF is trying to bring the same strategy through the backdoor.This time they have been termed commissioners instead of special Councillors.Mugabe’s strategy is being repeated by the so called second republic.

ZanuPF won only one seat out of ten in Masvingo City Council.In Urban centres ,ZanuPF failed to use FAZ to intimidate voters.

CCC must be prepared to guard areas of autonomy jealously. The Commissioners are going to be a burden to the ratepayers. Their sitting allowances, renumeration and welfare will be catered for by the ratepayers. If ZanuPF was genuine about improving quality to City service delivery system then a none partisan appointment of Commissioners was most welcome.

ZanuPF is forcing a rejected party on the people. The urban people know very well that ZanuPF policies have failed to work.

“Mnangagwa knows very well that he is a village head. He has no control over Urban centres. How do you claim to be President when you can’t control a single city?” said Elson Masungwa of Rujeko ward 7.

” If Mnangagwa wants to bring his rejected sons and daughters through the backdoor then we will stop paying rates. We cant be forced into a marriage with a devil? This will be rape of the ballot by ZanuPF.Is it constitutional ? ” said Selipa Mapatsi a vendor in ward 6.

🇿🇼☝️🇿🇼 Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for Citizens who want better change in Zimbabwe