MedOrange Mobile App Gains Thousands of Users Within Just One Month of Launch
2 October 2023
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By Business Reporter– MedOrange, the trailblazing healthcare platform, is delighted to announce a remarkable response from users, with thousands embracing its mobile app within a mere month of its launch.

This surge in user engagement is notably driven by individuals in the Diaspora, actively seeking a convenient and reliable means to procure essential medicines for their loved ones in Zimbabwe.

The spokesperson for MedOrange expresses sincere appreciation and enthusiasm for the platform’s outstanding reception within Zimbabwe. Among the registered users, an impressive 62% are local residents, motivated by the desire to bypass the complexities of navigating multiple pharmacies in search of doctor-prescribed medications.

Intriguingly, the remaining 38% of users originate from the Diaspora, primarily in South Africa, Botswana, the UK, Australia, and Canada. Adding to the intrigue is the global distribution, with orders emanating not only from the expected countries but also from Zimbabweans living and working in countries such as Germany, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and New Zealand.

“The mobile app’s convenience is proving to be the key attraction for our customers, notably the seamless process of uploading prescriptions and conducting secure payments within the app itself. Interestingly, 19% of users prefer the option to collect their orders from our friendly pharmacies scattered across the country, while the majority opt for our efficient delivery service,” mentioned the spokesperson.

MedOrange is witnessing emerging trends on the platform, with customers increasingly exploring non-prescription medications and a diverse array of health and beauty products. This is expected given MedOrange’s extensive online product catalog, comprising over 4,700 product lines across health, beauty, and wellness verticals, all readily accessible with a simple tap. This all-in-one application is redefining the retail pharmacy space in Zimbabwe.

One of the standout features drawing customers is the “Manage My Reminders” feature, designed to enhance medication adherence. This feature is particularly beneficial for the busy, elderly and upwardly mobile individuals requiring regular reminders to adhere to their treatment plans, especially those managing chronic conditions.

Another revolutionary feature is “Repeat Prescription,” enabling users to effortlessly refill medications before they run out and even schedule deliveries. This proves particularly invaluable for individuals managing chronic conditions, ensuring they never miss their medication due to the inconvenience of pharmacy visits.

MedOrange remains steadfast in its commitment to ongoing research, development, and deployment of innovative solutions aimed at improving healthcare access for the majority of Zimbabweans.

About MedOrange Pharmacies

MedOrange Pharmacies stands as the fastest-growing pharmacy brand in Zimbabwe, offering a diverse selection of health, beauty, and wellness products. It distinguishes itself as a comprehensive, orchestrated platform dedicated to delivering convenience in health, beauty, and wellness solutions. Through its robust online and physical presence, coupled with last-mile delivery services, and offerings tailored for the Diaspora, MedOrange is steadfastly devoted to enhancing healthcare access and overall well-being for all Zimbabweans.

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