Prophet Passion Java’s Claims of Affluent Upbringing
7 October 2023
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By Farai D Hove | In a shocking revelation, the claims made by Prophet Passion Java about his upbringing have come under intense scrutiny. The popular Zimbabwean preacher, known for his charismatic sermons and extravagant lifestyle, asserted in a 2015 interview with a Jamaican broadcaster that he grew up in affluence. However, recent photographic evidence and his own statements about his difficult upbringing seem to tell a different story.

In the 2015 interview, Prophet Passion Java was asked about his upbringing, to which he responded, “My mother was a big businesswoman, she is still a big businesswoman,” and when questioned about his background, he claimed, “My house is next to the President.” These statements, once seen as a testament to his privileged upbringing, now face intense scrutiny.

Contrary to his assertions, recent photographic evidence has emerged, painting a contrasting picture of his early life. The images reveal a young Prophet Passion Java growing up in modest residential areas of Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. These visual accounts contradict the affluence he claimed to have experienced during his formative years.

Furthermore, the preacher himself has spoken about the hardships he endured in his upbringing on several occasions. This apparent inconsistency in his life narrative has raised questions regarding his integrity as a preacher of the Bible and as a public figure.

The controversy surrounding Prophet Passion Java’s upbringing has intensified with the release of a video on social media. The video, which can be viewed at the following link [insert video link], further delves into the contradictions between his claims and the evidence presented.

As this story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Prophet Passion Java will respond to these allegations and whether his credibility as a spiritual leader will be affected. The public’s perception of him may be forever changed by this newfound scrutiny of his past.

This developing story is sure to capture the attention of his followers and the broader community, as the truth behind his upbringing is brought into question.

Qn: Tell us about your upbringing.

Prophet Passion Java: My mother was a big businesswoman, she is still a big businesswoman;

Qn: Well to do background?

Prophet Passion Java: My house is next to the President.