“Criminal Fake Video Impersonating President Hichilema on Social Media”
10 October 2023
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Fake Video Circulating on Social Media Mimicking President Hichilema with Intent to Publish Information That Can Cause Unrest in the Nation Is Criminal

11th October 2023

In a strongly worded press statement released today, the United Party for National Development (UPND) has issued a stern warning against individuals circulating a fake video on social media platforms, impersonating President Hakainde Hichilema. The UPND has labeled this act as criminal, emphasizing the intent to disseminate false information aimed at sowing discord within the nation.

The statement, delivered by UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda, condemns the actions of rogue elements who have resorted to creating and sharing manipulated videos of the popularly elected Head of State. These videos not only attempt to mimic the President but also include electronically generated voiceovers designed to mislead the public.

“The party wishes to warn that anyone behind the said video will pay heavily as soon as the law catches up with them,” Imenda stated unequivocally, indicating the seriousness with which the UPND views this situation.

Furthermore, the UPND urged the general public not to engage in the dissemination of this misleading video, which distorts President Hichilema’s persona with the clear intention of causing unrest in the country. The party expressed confidence that law enforcement agencies would take a keen interest in the matter and bring the perpetrators of this criminal activity to justice.

Imenda also addressed the tactics of certain opposition leaders and their members, accusing them of engaging in covert illegal activities aimed at undermining the democratically elected government. He cautioned against abusing free speech guaranteed by the constitution, reminding those who engage in hate speech, defamation, or misrepresentation that they risk facing legal consequences.

“Those who choose to abuse the President through hate speech, defaming others, or misrepresentation should know that they are coming in conflict with the law,” Imenda declared.

President Hichilema’s commitment to upholding free speech as guaranteed by the constitution was reiterated in the statement, with the intent of fostering civil engagement in the political space without resorting to personal attacks or character assassination.

The UPND’s message is clear: while they acknowledge the role of opposition in a democracy, they will not tolerate any actions that undermine national stability or tarnish the reputation of the democratically elected Head of State.

The party vows to remain vigilant, calling on all citizens to respect the rule of law and uphold the democratic principles that underpin the Zambian nation.