Sengezo A Tortoise On A Lamp Post
12 October 2023
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By Leonard Koni | ZIMBABWE is the only country in Africa which spends much of its resources conducting by-elections for the whole term whilst unemployment is hovering above 90% with street vending hitting very high levels. It is the only country which is always in election mode from January to December rather than in the development mode.

The country is riddled with unresolved political issues, poverty, corruption, moral decadence, human rights abuses for example the incarceration of Job Sikhala political and political intolerance. The country is on autopilot. There is need for devine intervention. We need to pray for Zimbabwe.

This new republic has failed. Robert Mugabe at his worst never reached at this level of poor leadership, incompetence, confusion and nepotism. Zimbabwe under this new dispensation has now become a laughing stock. How did we arrive at this stage? A coup government has never worked at all.

The recalling of twenty-five members of Citizens Coalition for Change using an imposter Sengezo Tshabangu who is claiming to be an interim CCC Secretary General a position which is currently not existing within the CCC circles.

There is really internal fighting within the citizens project. Actually a certain group of people within the ranks who feel aggrieved in the party, have now resorted to miscalculated political manvoures just to outwit each other. One cannot rule out the fact that this group is getting all the support to effect these recalls from a party which is seeking a two thirds majority rule in parliament.

There is a clear indication that the ruling party is working in cohorts with this group to subvert the will of the people and undermine their rights. They are doing this for selfish agendas and to wholly consolidate political power.

Sengezo has always been at the centre of controversy from the beginning. This is the man who tried to bar the Bulawayo 12 to contest and also caused the double candidate issue. Mr Sengezo who has no legal standing to effect the recalls is just a tortoise on a lamp post. There is a secret agent working behind the scenes where money is exchanging hands.

The people thought that they have now done with these modern day Morrison Nyathi but alas we are now back at full throttle to the days of Douglas Mwonzora who was used by Zanu PF to recall members of MDC -Alliance after a fall out with the leadership. Its a pity that we have a country where politicking has become the order of the day.

It is only in Zimbabwe where you can find a street kid orchestrating the recalling of elected members of a political party and then get away with it without the authorities interrogating him.

We saw the persecution of Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC supporters in the 2000s and we are also witnessing the same modus operandi being applied on Nelson Chamisa. Some people fail to see the bigger picture that they are there to serve the people before they serve themselves. Colluding with Zanu PF is the worst ever thing to do.

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