President Chamisa Roasts Sengezo Tshabangu : Watch
13 October 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri

CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa has said CCC does not have the post of Secretary General.

Addressing the media in Harare on Wednesday, President Chamisa accused Zanu PF of clandestinely plotting to destroy the citizens’ movement.

According to President Chamisa, CCC is a structureless structure.

“We are a structureless structure, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, you can’t just receive a letter from planet Mars and effect recalls, we have not recalled anybody.

We don’t even know the impostor, in essence he is a fraudster, we know Zanu PF is behind the shenanigans.

Stay away from CCC, hands off CCC, this is a citizens movement; you don’t just wake up one day from the streets in a drunken stupor to say I’m so and so,” said President Chamisa.

” In this movement, we do not have the position of secretary general. We have different roles and tasks.

In this movement, we don’t give each other positions but we give each other tasks.

Nobody can just wake up and recall our candidates.

In fact, it is a Zanu-PF scheme … Zanu-PF is using certain people purporting to be CCC, who are not even in our books in terms of membership registry, “added the CCC leader.

” We are taking decisive action to end the circus. The political situation in the country is deteriorating with each passing day, which is a sad scenario, ” President Chamisa said.