OPINION: Zimbabwe Needs All of Us, Not Just Chamisa
14 October 2023
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By Eddie Mahembe, PhD.
11 October 2023.

Yesterday I posted a tweet on my X(formerly Twitter) page and it attracted a lot of discussions on how #Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 can finally realise a democratic breakthrough.

Many people expressed their frustrations with Nelson Chamisa. Today’s post tries to address some of the issues raised in some of discussions and feedback I received.

I understand that some are blaming Nelson Chamisa out of frustration. And as a leader, he definitely has to account to the voters and his supporters.

However, the point I’m making is that this frustration did not start today.

Like I highlighted in yesterday’s (10 Oct 2023) tweet:

  • The generation our grand parents blamed Joshua Nkomo.
  • Our parents blamed Edgar Tekere.
  • Our brothers blamed Morgan Tsvangirai.
  • We are blaming Nelson Chamisa.

When would it become clear to us that we are blaming victims instead of blaming the oppressor?

There is no opposition leader who will be good enough to fight the entire state machinery, on their own.

Chamisa needs help, not blame.

Is he perfect? Definitely, No. But he is NOT the problem.

Chamisa is strategically positioned to be a significant part of the solution. Zimbabwe needs him at this point in time.

This democratic project needs the new Desmond Tutus who fought alongside ANC but without being members.

We don’t need to have membership cards of CCC to fight for FREEDOM and the DEVELOPMENT of our motherland, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

We need school children like those who fought hard in what is now the Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa 🇿🇦

The real problem is that most #Zimbabweans who want change have subcontracted the struggle to Chamisa.

Where are the Desmond Tutus of Zimbabwe?

Where is the church when the rights of women and children are being abused?

Where are the youths and school children?

Where are the professionals?

Where are the teachers when the schools are being destroyed?

Where are the nurses and doctors when the clinics and hospitals are being run to the ground?

Where are you parents when your children are jobless and resorting to drugs?

Where are you business people when the economy is being destroyed together with key infrastructure?

If we don’t unite for the common cause, ZANU PF will continue to divide us through crude rhetoric, propaganda and manipulation.


It’s clear that ZANU PF has failed on this front.

We all need an inclusive, democratic and developmental Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

We all need a Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 that works for everyone, not just a few connected to ZANU PF!

We all have a role in making this vision possible!

By Eddie Mahembe, PhD