“A bloody week in journalism in the Middle East”
18 October 2023
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We have just experienced one of the bloodiest weeks ever in journalism in the Middle East. Seven journalists were killed in the space of seven days while doing their job in Gaza and Lebanon. Others were also killed, but their deaths were not directly related to their work.
Issam AbdallahMohammed SobohHisham al-NawajhaIbrahim LafiMohammad al-SalihiSaïd al-Tawil and Mohammed Abou Matar were killed by Israeli bombardments or gunfire simply for wanting to keep us informed.

Other journalists were wounded. We must try to stop the list of victims getting longer by the day.
We urge the Israeli authorities to put an end to military practices that violate international law and lead to the deaths of civilians, including journalists.
An essential defence against the disinformation invading social media, journalists are risking their lives every day in this war zone in the name of press freedom. We are doing everything we can to protect them. Your support is essential for us to be able to take concrete action to help them.

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