Are Prophet Walter Magaya’s Prayer Satchels Safe In Gaza Today?
18 October 2023
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Controversial Prophet Walter Magaya’s Mysterious Visit to Israel Raises Questions.

Walter Magaya carrying two black satchels full of prayer requests

By Dorrothy Moyo | In a bold and enigmatic move six years ago, self-proclaimed prophet Walter Magaya left his followers astonished when he embarked on a journey to Israel, claiming to take their prayers to a place “near where God lives.” This extraordinary pilgrimage led to fervent discussions and raised eyebrows across the religious spectrum.

Walter Magaya, a figure known for his controversial prophecies and charismatic presence in Zimbabwe, made headlines around the world when he flew to Israel with two thick black satchels supposedly filled with the prayer requests of his devoted followers. His claim that these prayers were to be delivered close to the divine presence caused both awe and skepticism.

At the time, Admire Mango, one of Magaya’s top aides, spoke to the state-run publication H-Metro, shedding light on the prophet’s visit. Mango stated, “It is true that a Prophet is not honored on his home soil considering how Israelites and visitors here made a beeline to receive a blessing from Prophet Magaya.” Mango emphasized the warm reception Magaya received in Israel, a country deeply rooted in religious history.

Mango further noted the remarkable fact that Prophet Magaya was 33 years old, the same age at which Jesus Christ is believed to have been crucified at Golgotha. This coincidence appeared to captivate the Israelites who hosted the prophet, as they welcomed him, shared meals, and guided him through the iconic Biblical sites.

One of the most significant moments during the visit occurred at the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, where Magaya knelt down and laid the prayer requests from his followers before God. Witnessing this act of devotion, Mango expressed, “I felt blessed, and my eyes were opened as the man of God wept, praying for Zimbabwe.” It was a profound spiritual experience for many who followed Magaya’s journey.

As images from the visit surfaced, they showed the preacher kneeling down and depositing two black satchels overflowing with batches of paper, each containing handwritten prayer requests. This powerful visual reinforced the idea that this pilgrimage was of great importance to Magaya and his congregation.

While the visit was met with awe and admiration by some, it also raised questions and concerns. Notably, Patience Mangezi, a socialite, questioned the timing of the visit, saying, “Nhamo dzedu dziri safe here ne hondo kuIsrael – Are our prayers safe now that there is a war in Israel?” This remark underscores the geopolitical tensions and complexities that always seem to surround the region, leading to speculations about the fate of the prayers brought to Israel.

The visit of Prophet Walter Magaya to Israel remains a topic of intrigue and debate, with his supporters emphasizing the spiritual significance, while skeptics raise questions about the practicality and safety of delivering prayers amidst global uncertainties. Ultimately, this journey remains a memorable and mystifying chapter in the controversial prophet’s story.