Threats Emerge as Mayor of Epworth Takes On Land Corruption
19 October 2023
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Tensions have reached a boiling point in Epworth, Zimbabwe, as a senior land baron and ZANU PF member, Shadreck Aleck Makangira, has issued ominous threats against the newly elected Mayor, Annah Sande.

The Mayor has been unwavering in her pursuit of justice and accountability regarding land corruption in Epworth, and it appears that her efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Makangira’s threat to “deal” with Mayor Sande came as a stark warning that those entrenched in the complex web of land corruption in the region are willing to fight back against her campaign to root out corruption and ensure justice for the residents.

This alarming development follows a disturbing incident on Sunday, where Mayor Sande narrowly survived an abduction attempt by individuals allegedly associated with ZANU PF. The attack has raised concerns over the safety of public officials who dare to challenge the status quo in the face of land-related corruption.

Epworth has long been plagued by a pervasive issue of land corruption, where land barons have been accused of unscrupulously taking control of the regularization program in collusion with council officials. The consequences have been dire for Epworth residents, with many losing their residential stands in a situation that has left them disheartened and angered.

Mayor Annah Sande’s resolve to address this issue head-on and her pursuit of accountability has earned her both admiration and animosity in equal measure. She has become a symbol of hope for the Epworth residents who have suffered the brunt of land corruption, and her dedication to their cause has not gone unnoticed.

As the threat against Mayor Sande looms large, the nation will be closely monitoring the situation in Epworth. It is a critical test of the resolve of local authorities and the justice system to combat corruption and protect those who bravely stand up for the rights of their constituents. The battle against land corruption in Epworth is far from over, and the outcome of these developments will have significant implications for the future of the region.- Agencies