ZEC Boss’s Father Collapses As FAZ Agents, Family Are Struck Dead By Hyenas And Lightining
24 October 2023
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By Farai D Hove | ANALYSIS | Disturbing events continue to unfold in Zimbabwe as the nation grapples with political tensions and unexpected tragedies. In a series of unsettling incidents, a top official’s father collapsed, and FAZ terror organization members faced harrowing fates.

-FAZ Terror Organization Tragedy-

FOREVER Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ) leader Kudakwashe Munsaka has suffered a tragic loss as three of his close relatives were struck by lightning during heavy rains last Tuesday in Binga, Matabeleland North. This unfortunate event occurred merely two months after a violent election marked by alleged vote rigging and widespread violence, in which FAZ was reportedly involved.

FAZ, an affiliate group of Zanu PF with purported links to the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), gained prominence during the controversial August 23 and 24 harmonized elections, where it was accused of being at the center of alleged election malpractice.

The recent heavy rains and strong winds wreaked havoc across the country, causing damage to infrastructure and displacing families. The Civil Protection Unit launched an appeal for donations to aid those affected by the disaster.

In the tragic incident in Binga, lightning struck a thatched hut, claiming the lives of Kudakwashe Munsaka’s aunt, Belitha Munkuli (79), and her two grandchildren, Meekness Munkuli (11) and Accept Bulemu (5), as well as a neighbor, Rudo Muzamba. Despite attempts to rescue them, the locked door prevented their escape, bringing the death toll to four.

-Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Boss’s Father’s Collapse-

Adding to the unsettling developments, Millicent Mohadi, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) boss’s father, Vice President Kembo Mohadi, collapsed during a rally in Gutu last Saturday. The incident unfolded as he was addressing a Zanu PF by-election campaign launch.

➡️ He fainted while at the podium, and he was swiftly airlifted for medical treatment.
➡️ Reports indicate that he gasped, “I need water, I need water,” before losing consciousness.
➡️ Security agents reportedly compelled journalists to delete pictures of Mohadi’s fall.
➡️ ZANU PF Youth League Chairman Tendai Chirau emphasized the party’s control over media coverage, stating, “Sorry, this is not repression, but if you come to our event, we have a right to know what should go into the press.”
➡️ Zanu PF secretary for security Lovemore Matuke attributed the incident to sugar diabetes.

This isn’t the first time Vice President Kembo Mohadi has faced health issues during his political career, as he previously failed to attend the Zanu-PF Annual National People Conference in December 2018 due to illness.

-Hyena Incidents-

These events come against the backdrop of two unusual incidents involving hyenas in southern Zimbabwe. An FAZ agent was devoured to death by a hyena, while a ZANU PF member was taken alive by another hyena. These unsettling incidents have raised concerns and added to the unease in the region.

Zimbabwe remains in a state of flux, with a combination of political and natural events leaving its citizens and leaders grappling with unexpected challenges. The nation watches closely as these situations continue to evolve.