Is Kambucha Now Alcoholic?
27 October 2023
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Kambucha Drink Banned in Zimbabwe Despite Health Claims

Kambucha, a fermented tea drink that is touted for its health benefits, has been banned from supermarket shelves in Zimbabwe by the Ministry of Health and Child Care. This comes after the Masvingo City Council banned its employees from consuming Kambucha at work, arguing that it contains alcohol.

Some consumers of Kambucha, however, say that it is a non-intoxicating product and that they drink it to boost their health. One kombi driver told the B-Metro newspaper that Kambucha does get him and his friends drunk, but that it is cheaper than alcohol and that the police cannot arrest them for drinking it.

The makers of Kambucha claim on their website that the drink boosts the immune system, helps with weight loss, wards off high blood pressure, and prevents cancer. However, it is not known if these claims have been scientifically proven.

When the Masvingo City Council banned Kambucha, the authorities said that they had received reports of council employees coming to work drunk due to consumption of the drink.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Liquor Licensing Board are currently investigating, banning, and licensing new drinks in the market, including Kambucha.