Govt Publicly Insults Mnangagwa’s Married Girlfriend In Typo As She’s Sworn In As AG
6 November 2023
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“Zimbabwe’s Self-Inaugurated President Faces Embarrassment as Girlfriend Takes Center Stage”

By Farai D Hove | Zimbabwe’s self-inaugurated president, whose position has already been widely condemned by the Southern African Development Community (SADC), found himself mired in yet another embarrassing situation. The latest fiasco involves the appointment of his girlfriend, Virginia Mabhiza, as the country’s first female Attorney General.

Mnangagwa’s decision to appoint his romantic partner to such a crucial role has raised eyebrows. It has added to the growing list of concerns about the legitimacy of his government and its commitment to ethical governance.

What makes this situation even more cringe-worthy is the Information Ministry’s recent statement, where they described Virginia Mabhiza as a “gem.” While this could potentially be a typo or a slip of the keyboard, the timing and context of the statement leave little room for doubt that it was an intentional dig at the president. It’s a clear reference to his highly publicized love affair with Virginia Mabhiza, who was reportedly a married woman before her meteoric rise to power.

This “gem” reference may well have been a sarcastic attempt to underline the Mnangagwa’s questionable judgment and decision-making. The entire scenario not only reflects poorly on the president but also serves as a glaring example of the nepotism and cronyism that has plagued his administration.

Adding salt to the wound is the recent SADC Extraordinary Summit, where the regional body de-recognized the president’s authority over Zimbabwe due to the discredited 2023 elections. The use of soldiers to manipulate the election results has further eroded the president’s credibility, and this appointment of his girlfriend only adds to the mounting criticism against his rule.

The situation in Zimbabwe remains highly volatile, and the president’s actions continue to undermine the country’s democratic institutions and rule of law. The “gem” reference may have been a simple typo, but it serves as a poignant reminder of the turbulence and embarrassment that have characterized his presidency, leaving many to question the true nature of his leadership and the future of Zimbabwe.

The development also happens on the anniversary of Mnangagwa’s firing from government 6th November 2017 over his unsuitability.