Prophet T Freddy Begs People To “Please Send Me Your Prayer Requests”
9 November 2023
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Prophet T Freddy Invites Prayer Requests Following Controversial Past

By Religion Reporter | Prophet Tapiwa Freddy, leader of Goodness and Mercy Ministries, has urged individuals to submit their prayer requests for a special morning prayer session. On Thursday morning, he took to social media, stating, “The Spirit of the Lord is compelling me to pray for a few individuals this early morning. Please send me your prayer requests.”

This call for prayer comes in the wake of Prophet T Freddy’s controversial past, notably last year when he faced serious allegations of rape and physical abuse. The religious leader was, however, found not guilty of these charges by Harare magistrate Gloria Takundwa. The accusations involved a ZBC radio presenter, Rutendo Makuti.

Despite being cleared of these charges, the charismatic cleric remains a figure of controversy. Now, with his recent request for prayer submissions, it raises questions about the nature of the prayers and the intent behind this outreach.

Followers and critics alike are closely watching as Prophet T Freddy navigates a path that intertwines spirituality and controversy, and how this latest appeal for prayer requests will be received by the public.