Instead of Aircraft, Air Zim Brings In New Boss
14 November 2023
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-Air Zimbabwe’s Quandary Beyond Director Appointments | Despite the recent appointment of Mr. Edmund Makona as the new CEO of Air Zimbabwe, the airline’s persistent challenges extend beyond leadership changes. The need for a revamp isn’t merely about bringing in new faces but about reevaluating the company’s structure.

The airline’s historical inefficiencies point to an oversized workforce, calling for a reduction in employee numbers rather than an influx of new appointments. At a time when the company direly requires updated aircraft, the allocation of funds towards hiring new leadership raises concerns about the allocation of resources.

While Mr. Makona boasts an impressive aviation background and experience, the fundamental issue lies in the airline’s operational capacity and the need for a fleet upgrade. The emphasis should shift from augmenting personnel to modernizing the aircraft, addressing the core of Air Zimbabwe’s struggles.

The Board’s confidence in Mr. Makona’s expertise is commendable, but the challenge at hand requires a strategic focus on fleet modernization and operational efficiency, rather than primarily concentrating on personnel adjustments. The true transformation of the national carrier necessitates a comprehensive restructuring strategy, one that prioritizes fleet enhancement and operational streamlining.