Water Augmentation A Priority – Mayor Tabe
23 November 2023
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By Struggle Desire Nyahunda

Nyahunda Struggle Desire(Gadarmel)


In his brief presentation to a stakeholders meeting convened by the Minister of Local government, His Worship Mayor Tabe Aleck highlighted the following @TheMirrorMsv @TheMidWeekWatch

The water augmentation plan phase 2 is a matter of priority. The urgent intervention of the government in respect of the local government ministry will go a long way in addressing the water woes of the city at a time the country is facing the outbreak of Cholera

Another important matter of interest entails the solarisation of all council offices and departments to make sure work is done even during the losdshedding era which has ravaged the whole nation. Such projects must be approved by the ministry if they are to see light of the day

Timely disbursement of ZINARA FUNDS to the council so that road rehabilitation programs are undertaken . The submissions from councils lacks urgent attention resulting in many projects facing a still birth & in that vain, it is imperative that priority areas be attended
His worship further requested the minister to see to it that all outstanding bills which are not paid by government departments are cleared. Government owes Masvingo council more 6billion RTGS dollars. This money if paid shall help the council to address priority areas.

It was also noted that the Masvingo City Council has no viable income generating project & His Worship together with all councillors agreed to come up with a road map towards establishment of projects which are key in sustainable development & upliftment of the people’s lives.

The city intends to increase the pumping capacity of the water plant from 30 to 60 litres because of the growing population and needs of the city. This can only be done if parent ministry compliment by making sure funds are availed in time @MasvingoMedia @TellZimbabwe

The interface that is underway at the Civic centre drawn all Masvingo local authorities and rural councils for the government to appreciate the woes faced by various councils in the province. It is our hope that such submissions shall go a long way in resolving our problems
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