Biti Denies Assault Charges
1 December 2023
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-Former CCC MP Tendai Biti Denies Assault Allegations in Court-

In a tense courtroom session yesterday, Harare lawyer and opposition politician Tendai Biti vehemently denied accusations of physically assaulting businesswoman Mrs. Tatiana Aleshina. The charges stem from an incident at the Harare Magistrates Court in 2020, where Biti allegedly used verbal assault and threatening behavior.

Biti, facing the assault charges, presented his defense case, rejecting claims that he advanced towards Mrs. Aleshina with the intent to attack. Witnesses recounted a heated encounter outside the courtroom, where Biti allegedly shouted at Mrs. Aleshina, calling her “stupid.” Some witnesses asserted that Biti moved aggressively toward her, prompting another individual to intervene to prevent physical contact.

However, Biti refuted these accounts, insisting that he neither approached Mrs. Aleshina nor pointed a finger at her. He argued that his hands were occupied with books and a bag. Furthermore, Biti claimed not to have known Mrs. Aleshina as of November 30, 2020, the date of the alleged incident. Nevertheless, he later mentioned a separate incident from 2009 involving the complainant.

Biti’s defense has extended over almost three weeks, with the politician asserting that his submissions could potentially take years. The State, represented by Deputy Prosecutor-General Mr. Michael Reza, expressed frustration, accusing Biti of submitting irrelevant information and causing delays in concluding the case.

Mr. Reza urged the court to guide Biti in his submissions, emphasizing the need for relevant information. Magistrate Vongai Guwuriro adjourned the trial to December 5 for continuation, as the legal battle between Biti and the State unfolds.- ZIANA