Mthuli Ncube Raises Already Overpriced Passport Fees
1 December 2023
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The Zimbabwean Minister of Finance, Mthuli Ncube, has proposed raising vehicle registration and passport fees in 2024.

The Minister of Finance has released the proposed budget for the coming year of 2024, triggering a lot of talk among Zimbabweans on social media.

The proposed Finance Budget for 2024 was presented at the Parliament Building in Mt Hampden this afternoon.

Professor Mthuli Ncube presented the budget to the parliament.

In the released proposed budget, the Minister proposed that vehicle registration fees be reviewed upwards in the coming year.

The vehicle registration fees are currently $80, and the Minister proposes they be hiked to $100 for vehicles with 1500cc engine capacity.

For any vehicle with an engine capacity above 1500cc, Mthuli has proposed a $500 registration fee.

He further proposes that passport fees also be reviewed upwards in 2024. The Ordinary passport, currently at 120, will be set at $200 in 2024 if the proposed budget is approved.

If additional revenue is generated from the measures that the Minister proposes, Mthuli suggests that it will be ring-fenced towards road infrastructure development.

The finance minister has proposed raising tollgate fees on premium roads like Plumtree-Mutare, Beitbridge-Harare and others.

Light vehicles paying $2 have been reviewed upwards to $5, effective 1 January 2024.

Zimbabweans react to the proposed budget.

There is a massive outcry on social media as Zimbabweans read the proposed budget by the Finance Minister.

Many people are complaining that the current prices are high, and reviewing them upwards in US$ will not be fair.