Exposing Tshabangu Handlers
3 December 2023
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Be wary of malignant characters in the citizen’s project! CCC Namibia echoes.

02 December 2023.

It is quite perturbing that at this crucial juncture when the bonafide citizens should be seen demonstrating in unison against the shambolic elections held in August, evil-intentioned and compromised imposters are busy recalling members of parliament and councilors without the blessing of the party. Instead of uniting to win Zimbabwe for change, citizens are displaying their egos manifesting in an insatiable appetite to acquire a political position or slot for the council seat. These venomous people are derailing the freedom train. To hell with Sengezo Tshabangu and his ZANU-PF handlers.

Citizens should take note of people who are disposed to cause harm, suffering, or distress deliberately because of greed. Tshabangu and the cabal are evil, malignant, mean, and inconsiderate of the plight of the voters who endured a tense atmosphere of voter suppression and intimidation by FAZ during the flawed plebiscite. These infectious members of society must be confronted in the process of dealing with the illegitimate government led by Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. Change champions should be vigilant because these acrimonious characters can delay freedom, justice, and equality.

CCC Namibia Rundu Branch change champion, Dr. Lawrence Chiduku urges genuine socio-economic transformation seekers to ignore sideshows from the belly politicians. “How does one desire a political position in the extent of desperately seeking ZANUPF assistance to try in vain to decimate the people’s yellow juggernaut”, he further submitted. It is now imperative to mobilize, recruit, and radicalize into action. Every citizen should push for a shared national vision under the able leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. We must hastily figure out those who are in the hands of malignant fate so that we defend the national democratic revolution from ZANU-PF surrogates.

Beware of those who purport to submit constructive criticism! Their criticism is punctuated by hate and generational covetousness. CCC Namibia encourages genuine change champions to embrace participatory democracy at this critical moment. As a diaspora assembly, we shall continue with political and diplomatic pressure on SADC, AU, and the United Nations amplifying our voices against peaceful slavery.

It is not true that President Nelson Chamisa does not have weaknesses as a leader, our obligation to cover those gaps remains our prerogative. As a people’s movement, we should unite and complement each other so that we can win Zimbabwe for change. The struggle for the emancipation of the motherland should not subcontracted to Nelson Chamisa, all hands on deck to achieve freedom and genuine independence. Everyone can lead anywhere, that’s why we have Street and Village champions who should lead at the community level.

Let me take this opportunity to applaud change champions in Namibia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, etc for gathering the valor and mettle to protest against rigged elections in Zimbabwe. CCC Namibia was also delighted and thankful to those in Zimbabwe who against all odds participated in a flash demonstration in November registering their displeasure with the illegitimate regime. All citizens across the political divide should brace for dangerous freedom against anti-poor policies.

On another note, we have witnessed widespread criticism within and outside the party on the president’s response to the question about SADC on his X handle. When the organic president responded, he said, “SADC is we the people! We fix all our issues. We are the ones to help ourselves. We are the answers to our questions”. It is irresponsible to surrender the struggle to SADC, that’s why people in the diaspora took to the streets expressing their disgruntlement in the manner elections were conducted by ZEC. Action in Zimbabwe and the diaspora by dedicated and committed cadres reflects that we are the ones to assist ourselves.

In Namibia, citizens protested against sham elections regardless of what the regional body has done. This is a clear testament that we are the answers to our inquiries. We are SADC by being Zimbabweans, is that a new tag? The president addressed the nation and reiterated that our response to the sham elections was not one-thronged, insinuating that the SADC way was not conclusive. He made a clarion call for citizens to mobilize and radicalize. Our leader is quite cognizant of the magnitude of peaceful demonstration needed in the country. Zimbabwe no longer needs one one-day demo because of the obvious crackdown awaiting protesters. The million-dollar question is whether the citizenry is ready to pay the ultimate prize.

CCC Namibia urges citizens to defend the struggle to its logical conclusion. Let’s support the party and its leadership. ActThe action begins with you and me. Citizens Coalition for Change is the only panacea to socio-economic transfiguration.




CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Change Champion
Robson Ruhanya