CCC Responds To High Court Ruling
7 December 2023
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High Court bars President Chamisa’s candidates to contest elections on 9th December 2023

7th December 2023

Wezhira Munya

Today, [7th December 2023] the High Court sitting in Harare has banned President Nelson Chamisa’s candidates to contest on the 9th December 2023 by elections.

Only two days left for 9th December 2023 by election.

The fake Citizens Coalition for Change [CCC] secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu had applied to High Court to bar President Chamisa’s CCC candidates to participate in the forthcoming by elections.

The implementation of this High Court judgement means that all President Chamisa’s CCC councillors and members of parliament will not participate on this Saturday’s by election.

In addition, it means that majority of Zanu PF aspiring members of parliament and councillors will win Saturday’s by election uncontested.

On Saturday, Zanu PF will win some council and parliamentary seats uncontested after Tshabangu’s CCC failed to field candidates.

If Zanu PF candidates win Saturday’s by election uncontested, this solidifies the argument that Tshabangu is a Zanu PF proxy working to give Zanu PF two thirds majority.

In Chiredzi Central, Zanu PF won mayoral and deputy mayoral positions for the first time since 2013, after Tshabangu recalled President Chamisa’s CCC two Chiredzi councillors including the mayor.

President Chamisa’s CCC supporters and members urge the party to immediately approach Supreme to challenge [appeal] the High Court decision.

Masvingo urban based President Chamisa’s CCC member Mr Struggle Nyahunda urged all ward 2 Citizens to campaign today for President Chamisa’s CCC candidate Shantel Chiwara, as she will contest on 9th December 2023.

The CCC Masvingo West ward 2 residents will be holding their last campaign for their council candidate Shantel Chiwara today.

CCC Masvingo West ward 2 has already trained its election agents ready to defend CCC votes on 9th December 2023 by election.