Make the Best Holiday Cards Using CapCut’s Online Photo Editor
3 January 2024
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Are you curious to know how to make the best and the most engaging holiday cards using an online editor? If so, don’t worry as this online photo editor by CapCut brings the easiest and fun way to create holiday cards. It comes with lots of amazingly inspiring features to create the most beautiful cards to inspire and interact with others. You must be curious to figure out what features or functions it hides inside it for your benefit. So, this article will tell you how to create the most impressive and engaging holiday cards using CapCut’s online photo editor. After learning how to use this incredible editor, you will also learn about its core features here. So, let’s begin. 

How To Make Holiday Cards Using CapCut Online Photo Editor?

Making holiday cards using the CapCut online photo editor is as simple as compressing your video via an online video compressor. There are only four simplest steps that you can use to make the most innovative and interactive holiday cards. Let’s have a look at the steps below.

●     Step 1: Sign up

The first step here is to sign up before starting to make your holiday cards. To use the CapCut online photo editor, you need to create your account here by clicking on its “Signup for Free” button. Go to the CapCut online website to see and use the signup form. Then, log in to your account after signing up using your credentials.

●     Step 2: Upload/Choose Template

After this, you would either upload a photo to the editor that you want to transform into a holiday card or choose a template. There are thousands of templates from which you can choose anyone to create your card in any way you want.

●     Step 3: Customize

Let’s now customize the template or photo you have chosen to make your holiday card. You can add different interactive texts on it to explain what this card is about. Similarly, you can add different shapes, brief descriptions of the holiday plan, or so. Set a beautiful background on this card and optimize it for perfect colors. Upscale or resize it based on your preferences or make any further edits using several beautiful tools available here.

●     Step 4: Save

In the end, finally, save your photo and repeat the same steps to create more holiday cards or cards for any other occasion.

What Photo Features It Brings For Holiday Cards?

●     Variety of Templates

It comes with a great variety of templates from which you can choose anyone you like the most. All of these templates are free to use, free to edit, and free to download after transformation.

●     Beautiful collection of stickers

You will find hundreds of stickers here that you can place on your holiday card to uplift their interactiveness. These stickers also boos the engagement and aesthetics of these holiday cards.

●     Frames

To make them look even more catchy, you must try using different frames available on this editor.

●     Text Effects

Adding text and text effects to any photo makes it look more meaningful and more valuable. So, you must also add different trending texts or customization texts along with text effects to your photos to make them look interactive.

●     Background Generator

The most amazing feature of the creative suite or its online photo editor is the background generator. When you are editing photos online on CapCut, you should also try changing or generating a new background for your photo. 

●     Color Correction

If the colors of your holiday card are dull and vague, use the color correction function to add the right colors. When the colors of your card are right, it will catch the greater interest of others and create greater happiness for you.

●     Image Upscaler

If you are using any of your photos to create a holiday card, don’t forget to upscale it using an AI-based image upscaler here. It will enlarge your holiday card with better graphics, improved quality, and impressively clear visuals.

Can You Download Holiday Cards For Free?

Yes, you can download the holiday cards anytime for free without worrying about any premium subscription. This editor doesn’t require you to make any subscription or buy any premium tools to make watermark-free downloads. Instead, you can easily download as many transformations as you want with just one click. All of them will be saved to your device without any watermarks or any other sharing restrictions.


This all-in-one online photo editor by CapCut comes with the most impressive features to create inspiring holiday cards. The best thing is that it allows you to create professional-looking cards with minimal effort. Through tons of basic and premium AI editing tools e.g. color correction, background generator, image upscaler, etc, you can create the most beautiful holiday cards. So, let’s give it a try and mesmerize yourself through the outstanding results.