Mupedzanhamo Re-Opens
6 January 2024
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By-In a jubilant atmosphere, Mupedzanhamo Market in Mbare, the nation’s largest hub for second-hand clothing, has finally reopened its gates after nearly a year of closure. 

Traders wasted no time in setting up their stalls, and a bustling crowd eagerly jostled for budget-friendly pre-loved apparel.

Yesterday witnessed a vibrant revival of the market, with hundreds flocking to the area to partake in the thrifting experience.

 Rekindling the heart of commerce, traders expressed their elation at the market’s reopening, citing the challenges they faced while operating outside its confines.

Mrs. Lydia Dhaure, echoing the sentiments of many, expressed gratitude for the return to their familiar spaces, freed from the grip of space barons and daily financial demands. “We used to play a cat and mouse game with the police, but now we are happy to have retained the spaces which we used to operate, and we are grateful for that,” she shared.

Mrs. Beauty Mangachena emphasized that the reopening was long overdue, narrating the difficulties faced when selling wares outside the market. 

The recurring issue of space barons, who auctioned spaces to the highest bidder, posed persistent challenges. The return to their original spaces was greeted with joy and relief.

Mrs. Caroline Torovei, after enduring four years of operating under harsh circumstances in the open, expressed newfound freedom and happiness. “I feel like I can fly with happiness because our problems have ended, and we can now trade peacefully,” she exclaimed.

Andrew Nyamupukwa, the chairperson for the Mupedzanhamo Market Committee, shared his happiness, highlighting the challenges faced during the market’s closure and commending the unity achieved post-elections.

 The smooth reopening process was attributed to collaboration with the Harare City Council.

In the wake of its reopening, Mupedzanhamo Market stands as a symbol of triumph, fostering community spirit and economic resilience among its traders.