Zimbabwean Queen Of Beauty Goes For Glory
10 January 2024
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“Zimbabwe’s Miss Global Hopeful Faces Fan Vote Challenge in Cambodia Showdown”

By A Correspondent

Amid the grandeur of the 10th anniversary of Miss Global in Cambodia, Zimbabwe stands as one of 79 countries vying for the coveted crown.

The competition intensifies as organizers reveal the top 25 countries in the fan vote, with only 13 securing a spot in the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, Kudzai Matizha, Zimbabwe’s representative, has slipped from the leading positions, prompting a call to action for fellow Zimbabweans to rally behind her.

The race to boost Matizha’s votes on the online platform becomes crucial for her qualification into the semi-finals on January 13.

As the 21-year-old shines on various platforms, she seeks support from her home