Zim Prophet Claims Foresaw DJ Black Coffee Plane Crash, Predicts Another SA Celebrity’s Misfortune
12 January 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter- A local fortune teller, Mellontik Orasi (Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi), claims that he foresaw the recent accident involving internationally acclaimed South African entertainer DJ Black Coffee.

The Grammy Award-winning artist faced severe turbulence during a flight from Brazil to Argentina, leading to an emergency landing in Montevideo, Uruguay, and sustaining injuries.

Prophet Orasi, who accurately predicted Black Coffee’s accident last month, is now warning of a looming challenge for another celebrated South African artist, Babes Wodumo.

He stated, “Even Babes Wodumo needs prayers, a thick black cloud around her now,” through his social media handles.

The attention-grabbing prophecy gained momentum as it followed the unfortunate incident involving DJ Black Coffee.

Orasi’s earlier Facebook post from December 16, 2023, where he called for prayers for Black Coffee, now draws attention and speculation.

The prophecy read, “Calling for prayer is simple, if I say pray for Black Coffee and people together with him, pray surely, he will prevail.” While initially met with limited interest, the prophecy has gained significance post the accident, sparking debates about the authenticity of such predictions.

Critics argue that the prophet’s foresight might be grounded in common events and trends, subject to varying interpretations.

Some express concerns about the potential panic and fear caused by such pronouncements, regardless of their accuracy.

Despite the controversy, Prophet Orasi continues to amass many followers, drawing attention to the complex dynamics of belief and scepticism surrounding prophetic revelations.